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The international logistics company CONSORT carries out international transportation of cargo, using road, sea and air transportation means. One of our main business priorities is international transportation of the groupage cargo.

We offer qualitative services and individual approach to every client. We are ready to carry out for you both single and regular international cargoes transportation, developing optimal logistics schemes. Our experienced managers will assist you in choosing the most appropriate type of transportation, in optimizing cargo delivery costs and consult you on all aspects of foreign economic activities.

Our services

Delivery of groupage cargoes
Delivery of the groupage cargoes
Delivery of the groupage cargoes means transportation of small cargoes (less than truckload) belonging to several different customers by means of one vehicle. The main advantage of the groupage cargoes delivery is that buyer of goods is not restricted by the volume of consignment. You can order as many goods as you need at the current moment and pay only for the space taken up by them. Consequently transportation of the groupage cargoes results in significant savings in terms of cost, as well as in a shopter time of delivery.
Thanks to the wide net of agents and transit warehouses worldwide, CONSORT carries out an international carriage of the groupage cargoes virtually from any city in the world.
By means of its own freight forwarding the company CONSORT provides transportation of cargoes directly from suppliers from any country in the world to a customs / consolidation warehouse in Riga in the shortest time possible.
In addition, our company assists in the cargoes’ customs clearance, consults on the issues related to foreign trade activities, and provides support in the process of imported goods’ certification.
For the clients in Russian Federation CONSORT offers cargo delivery in the regions of the country by any transportation mode.
Groupage cargoes delivery is the most economically viable and quick transportation way for small consignments. For prompt delivery of small cargoes to different consignees is usually used road transport.
When there is a necessity in regular shipment of small consignments, the most effective solution is using the groupage cargo transportation. This solution is an appropriate also for occational shipments of small consignments.

Freight forwarding
The company CONSORT offers services in freight forwarding from Europe, Asia and America by road, sea and air transport to any place.
The company CONSORT has a many years’ experience in the area of freight forwarding.
We are ready to render you the following services:

• Elaboration of an optimal scheme of cargo transportation from the warehouse of manufacturer to the warehouse of consignee, identifying type of transportation and time of delivery;
• Choosing type of the hauling stock depending on cargo parameters and mode of transportation;
• Calculation of service cost in the shortest time possible;
• Monitoring and comprehensive informational support of the entire cargo delivery process;
• Preparation of the necessary transport (TIR, CMR) and export (EX-1, T-1) documents.

Also, when it’s necessary:

• Warehousing;
• Cargo insurance;
• Goods’ certification;
• Assistance in the customs clearance.

Cooperation with the leading companies-carriers in Russia, Baltic countries, Europe and Asia enables to ensure customers’ requirements in cargo delivery by actually any transportation mode:

• Motor vehicles from 30 to 120 m2;
• Containers 20’ 40’ 40’ HQ;
• Special transport: container vehicles, refrigerators, vehicles with ADR permits, and transportation means for out-off-gauge cargo.

Possibilities of cargo transportation and terms of delivery can be clarified by contacting us on the e-mail: info@consortltd.com , as well as by completing the On-line Enquiry on our site.
Freight forwarding
Freight forwarding
The company CONSORT offers freight forwarding services from Europe, Asia and America by land, sea and air transport modes to any destination.

The company CONSORT has many years of experience in the field of freight forwarding service.

We offer the following services:

• Develop the most suitable cargo transportation route from the warehouse of the manufacturer to the warehouse of the recipient, specifying the mode of transport and delivery time;
• Select the type of rolling stock, depending on the parameters and the type of cargo, as well as , the mode of transportation;
• Calculate the cost of services in the shortest possible time;
• Monitor and report the entire process of cargo delivery;
• Prepare necessary transport (TIR, CMR) and export (EX-1, T-1) documentation;

And additionally, if necessary:

• storage services;
• cargo insurance;
• certification of products;
• assistance in customs clearance.

Due to the close cooperation with the leading logistics companies in Russia, the Baltic countries, Europe and Asia, we are able to meet your needs and deliver your consignment almost by any kind of forwarding transport:

• Road vehicles from 30 to 120m3;
• Modules/Containers 20' 40' 40'HQ ;
• Specialized transportation: container/pelleted, refrigerators, cars with the ADR resolution, transportation for oversize lots.

The options of cargo transportation and terms of delivery, you can specify ontacting us on the e-mail: info@consortltd.com , as well as issuing ON-LINE ENQUIRY on our website.
Warehousing and storage
Warehousing and storage
Temporary and a long-term storage, consolidation and distribution of shipments are carried out by our company in the customs and Euro warehouses in Riga, Latvia, as well as in a warehouse in Moscow, Russian Federation. At our clients’ disposal is a warehouse infrastructure, loading equipment, services on repacking, sorting out and distribution of shipments. At all our warehouses storage of cargo transported by our company is free for the first three days.
The company CONSORT offers partial or whole cargoes’ storage in the customs warehouse in Riga, which may significantly reduce your storage expenses, and what is the main – it will grant a delay in customs tax payment. Upon customer’s request part of cargo or the whole cargo will be removed from the customs storage and delivered to Russian Federation, passing the customs clearance procedure in the shortest time possible.
Standard tariffs for warehousing, special offers on consolidation, unitization and long- term storage you may get e-mailing your enquiry to: info@consortltd.com.
Road transport
Road transport
Road transport is one of the most demanded types of delivery. This is primarily due to the fact that this is the most convenient and cost efficient form of delivery, that allows to organize an international transportation by road in large batches from the warehouse of the manufacturer to the warehouse of the recipient company without consignment overloading, and vice versa; as well as establish international road transportation of consignment in small batches using consolidation warehouses. It is possible to organize “door-to-door” delivery only by using road transport.
The company CONSORT organizes international road haulage from any country in Europe to any destination point in Russia and the CIS countries.
Road haulage (delivery of groupage cargo) implies a high degree of responsibility and qualification.
CONSORT’s long standing partners in organizing an international road haulage are the largest trucking companies from the Baltic countries and Russia, whoes vehicle fleet allows almost any kind of transportation. Our road haulage transportation means meet all technical, environmental and other requirements, is fitted with the most modern equipment and tracking systems.
We are able to meet your needs in the road freight rolling stock of any kind, such as:

• trucks/vehicles in volume from 15 to 120 m3;
• container platform for transportation of 20 -, 40 foot and 40 foot HQ containers;
• specialized transport for cargo with special temperature requirements (refrigerators), for hazardous cargo (ADR vehicles), as well as for oversize cargo;
• Truck for partial load (groupage cargo delivery);
• In addition, we issue the necessary shipping documents (TIR, CMR, export documents).

CONSORT’s specialists have all necessary skills and experience to work out and optimize the process of your company cargo road haulage.

We offer:

• To develop optimal routing of your cargo in order to minimize costs and time of delivery;
• To select vehicles, depending on the type and volume of cargo (see the characteristics of the rolling stock here)
• To elaborate on issues relating to customs clearance, product certification and insurance, etc.;
• To supply technically serviceable vehicle within a specified period of time;
• To inform you on tracking your dispatch.
Continuous monitoring at all stages of the cargo delivery, tracking the location of the vehicle, rapid response to any questions - all the above mentioned methods allows our company to maintain road haulage on a high level.
We will select the best route for freight forwarding in according to your requirements.
To learn more about road haulage, please, contact CONSORT Logistics Department by e-mail: info@consortltd.com , as well as drawing an On-Line Enquiry on our site.
Air transport
Air transport
One of the international freight service areas is cargo delivery using air transport, in other words – all-cargo services.
The company CONSORT offers an integrated solution of optimal air route from almost any place in the world, in accordance with customers’ requirements and cargo specificity, using, in this respect, direct and connection flights.
If you are interested in air transportation of your cargo, we’ll offer you the most suitable conditions!
Russia and the world – the geography of air transportation is very vast. Thanks to long partner relationships with the largest air carriers world-wide, we can offer you:

• The best tariffs of air transportation, using flexible discount system depending on transported cargo volumes;
• The most economic efficient option of cargo delivery;
• Cargo space booking on the most popular destinations;
• Related services, associated with air transportation, including assistance in processing of customs documents, certification, insurance, etc.

Dispatch of cargo is carried out by regular passenger flights, all-freight flights and charters. Thanks to the widespread net of agents all over the world, we can arrange air carriage of your cargo from European countries, Asia, America, Africa, Australia to Moscow (the 1st option) or to European airports (the 2nd option).
The 1st option implies cargo air transportation to one of Moscow airports. This option is the shortest in the time terms but is the most expensive. When it’s necessary we may assist in the cargo custom clearance in Moscow, in Sheremetyevo airport.
The 2nd option (air transport + road transport) is suitable for small shipments and implies:

• Air transport to Riga airport in Latvia or to other European cities;
• Cargo transportation from the airport to one of consolidation warehouses;
• Further loading into the groupage cargo vehicle and delivery to Moscow.

This option is longer in the time terms but it is cheaper. Our agents in the consignor’s country will contact your supplier will organize cargo transportation from your supplier warehouse to the nearest airport, will advise on the questions arose, and when necessary will process all documents required for air carriage.
Possibilities of cargo air transport and terms of delivery can be clarified by contacting us on the e-mail: info@consortltd.com , as well as by completing the On-line Request Form on our site.
Sea transport
Sea transport
The company CONSORT arranges overseas transportation of goods from Asia and America, using the largest sea ports all over the world. Current business priority of our company is maritime container shipments of goods from China. Long-term experience of our specialists allows developing of optimal logistics schemes, owing to which container sea shipments from China are carried out with a minimal consumption of your time and financial resources.
We are ready to offer our clients several schemes of delivery from China, including sea shipments of any type of goods. Our managers will advise and consult you on each option of goods delivery from China to Russia, pointing out all pros and cons. With us your container shipments from China will be time effective and with minimal financial expenses.
We carry out the international container shipping fully in compliance with the world standards via sea ports of the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), Germany, Finland and Russia in:

• General cargo containers (FLC) 20’ 40’ 40HC;
• Groupage cargo containers (LCL).

Rich experience in the area of international shipping, competent personnel, availability of representatives in all large international sea ports, collaboration with the leading sea carriers, such as: «MSC», «MAERSK LINE», «China-Shipping Container Lines», «APL», «CMA-CGM», allows us arranging:

• Container shippings on the terms of FOB (outgoing port) as well as EXW (warehouse of supplier);
• Warehousing and documentation of cargo in the outgoing and destination ports, including storage, repackaging, handling operations and consolidation of the groupage cargo;
• Further cargo delivery to the consignee warehouse, including customs procedures ;
• Individual approach, qualitative fulfillment of obligations on your cargoes delivery, providing information on the progress of shipment – these are the main working principles of the company CONSORT. We are aimed at the long-term and mutually advantageous partnership, but at the same time, we are also ready to fulfill single orders for container shipment of consignments of any size;
• In the section RELEVANT at our website you may find out more about dimensions of containers used for shipping of cargo, hyperlink: Calculations and Quality;
• We’ll select the best shipping route in accordance with your requirements.

To learn more about cargo shipping and terms of delivery, please, contact us:
e-mail to: info@consortltd.com , or
complete the On-line Enquiry on our site.
Customs services
Предлагаемые нашей компанией таможенные услуги соответствуют всем требованиям международного законодательства и могут предоставляться как самостоятельно, так и в комплексе с доставкой грузов различными видами транспорта –морские и контейнерные перевозки, авиаперевозки, автомобильные перевозки,мультимодальные перевозки, а также сборные грузы и их таможенное оформление.
Customs services
Offered by our company customs services meet all the requirements of the international law and can be provided independently or in the conjunction with the cargo delivery by various modes of transport, such as maritime and container shipping, as well as, air, road, and multimodal transportation; plus modular cargo and customs clearance.
Collaboration with experienced, reliable, and well-established partners is the main principle of the company CONSORT work. We are very cautiously choosing our business partners as we are responsible for the cargo safety and the high quality of its transportation. Selecting a strategic partner is a very important task, so we pay special attention to the choice of a customs broker. There are numerous customs terminals where we closely cooperate in Moscow and Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Pskov, Sebezh and other regions. We are interested in a long -term partnership and are ready to offer you all our experience, skills and knowledge gained over many years of successful work at your service. Cooperating with us, you can be assured of your cargo prompt and qualified customs clearance.

For a free consultation on customs clearance in Europe and Russian Federation, contacting us on the e-mail: info@consortltd.com. For preliminary calculations of customs payments, please, fill in the form “Shipment /consignment details” in the section “Documents” on our site.
Cargo insurance
In the process of cargo transportation from the manufacturer to the recipient there exist various risks associated with damage or loss of all consignment or some parts of it. In addition a number of operations related to cargo delivery may increase the risk, namely, handling and transshipment, storage in transit warehouses, etc. The company CONSORT organizes the process of cargo delivery, storage, and handling with all the necessary precaution measures to ensure its safety throughout the route.
For additional cargo protection against possible risks, we recommend you to use cargo insurance services.
The company CONSORT on a regular contract basis works with the major insurance companies.
Your shipment will be insured with “the responsibility for all risks”. This term includes reimbursement for damage or total loss of all shipment or part of it that had occurred for any reason, including the risk of theft. * The cargo is insured from the moment of cargo loading at the consignor’s up to unloading at the destination point (including overloading, as well as storage in transit warehouse) *
* Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, and insurance regulations.

To read the rules of insurance and specify its conditions you can contacting us on the e-mail: info@consortltd.com , as well as filling in the On-line Enquiry on our website
Apart from cargo delivery by the various modes of transport (land / air / maritime / multimodal) our company provides an assistance in certification of imported goods. For the international shipments and its import clearance in the territory of Russian Federation, a number of goods are a subject to compulsory certification.
Our company offers services on registration of all necessary types of certificates:

• Certificate and Declaration of compliance with State standards and technical regulations;
• Certificate and Declaration of fire safety;
• Certificate of state registration in the territory of the Customs Union;
• Refusal letters;
• Statement on the alcohol content;
• Certificates of Conformity with Euro 4 and Euro 5.

There are the following types of certificates:
Type Description
On the manufacturer Term of validity from 1 up to 5 years, the certificate is issued to the manufacturer
For a contract Term of validity depends on the duration of the contract, the certificate is issued to the importing company
For a single consignment/shipment Certificate is valid only for one shipment, is issued to the importing company.
Mandatory certification is a necessary procedure to confirm product compliance with safety and quality as it is specified in the technical regulations or state standards (GOST R). In the territory of the Russian Federation there are two main forms of confirmation: the declaration and certification of products, depending on the type of goods.
Voluntary certification of products is meant to prevent the occurrence of low or possibly dangerous/hazardous quality products on the market. However, a voluntary certification is issued at the request of the manufacturer (supplier). Certification of this type confirms the product compliance with the requirements that are determined by the applicant. This may be the standards described in the conformity assessment rules that are implemented on a voluntary basis.
For a free consultation and any assistance, please write to the info@consortltd.com